It all started on January 18, 1968 ...

January 18, 1968 was a very special and exciting day for a group of men from the Shelocta, PA area.  It was on this date that Dick Carnahan, Wendell Carnahan, Russel Blystone, Don Cessna, Jack Fleming, Quay Fleming, George Mummert, W.B. Rising, Dick Spon and Smokey Weston met together in Dick’s basement with an interest in forming a Sportsmen Club.  After several meetings the group grew too large for Carnahan’s basement and the group moved the meetings to the small building beside Quay Fleming’s home.

Dick Carnahan, Shelocta Sportsmen Club Founder

As the group continued to grow the meetings were moved to Cessna’s Restaurant and later to the Parkwood Grange Hall.  As this the point the membership decided to buy a parcel of ground from Roy Fleming – this is were the Shelocta Sportsmen Club is located today.

Penlec donated an old building to the Club that was torn torn down by Wilmer Miller, moved and put together where the quonset hut is standing today.  Meetings were moved to the quonset hut while work continued on the property and the building.  The membership decided to construct a 40’x80′ block basement so Ken Bash constructed the footers with W.B. Rising and the Flemings completing the block work.  In the mid 1980’s the top floor was added.

Two pavilions were constructed on the property, one in 1976 and the other in 1986. Work on the pavilions was completed by Ken Bash, Alan Piesowicz, Ken Shart and Warren Peter.  Twenty four horseshoe courts were added later with cement work being done by Ken Bash, Alan Piesowicz and Jim Fleming.

Original Members

Dick Carnahan
Wendell Carnahan
Smokey Weston
Quay Fleming
W.B. Rising
Don Cessna
George Mummert
Dick Spon
Russ Blystone
Jack Flemming

Original Officers

Dick Carnahan, President
Dick Spon, Vice-President
George Mummert, Treasurer
Russ Blystone, Secretary
Wendell Carnahan, Director
Smokey Weston, Director
Quay Fleming, Director
W.B. Rising, Director
Don Cessna, Director

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