Our activity hall provides the perfect location for any wedding reception or family gathering.  There is seating for up to 200 guests, as well as a full kitchen and bathrooms.  The lease fee is $350.00 including a $100.00 deposit.  The activity hall is also available for a rental period of less than 5 hours for $150.00, including a $50.00 deposit.

Please see the Lease Agreement Terms and Conditions for additional details.

PLEASE NOTE: The default rental time period is for five hours. If you want to rent the hall for longer than five hours you will need to check the box beside “More than 5 hour rental” below.

Fully booked! All bookings exhausted.


200 people


  • Folding Chairs
  • 120v Power
  • Bathrooms
  • Water
  • Kitchen

Lease Fee

$250.00 + $100.00 deposit
$100.00 + $50.00 deposit (less than 5 hour rental)

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